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ConvertBox Review - A Data-Driven Analysis You Can Trust

Convert box review

In this video we're going to cover how convert boxes easy to use, who some of their competitors are and actually how to use it. So let's dive right in.

Yeah, if you go to the Convert box website, you're going to see this. And right now, they're kind of in a beta version. So you have to request an invite, or if you can get a direct link from somebody that will get you in. But as an example over here on the right, this is an example of a convert box. In this case, it has a picture of the person the top there, it's got a message, a header, a subheading, there's actually a video embedded looks like they're collecting the email address where you can click claim your discount now and they've got a countdown timer.


So that's pretty much all the features that get put into convert box, scroll down a little bit and it just kind of lead you to know what's going on. You can target visitors specifically for instance, that have been on your site who've already signed up and have been added to your mailing list. And of course you can help with boosting sales, reducing cart abandonment, that type of stuff. They do have to step call to actions, a very simple, you know, ask a question type thing, you click here to submit and takes them to the next step. So if you go through here, you'll get an idea of what's possible countdown timers you can segment people and you can actually speak directly to them with their information. And actually that's not quite out there yet but it will be soon.


And right now there's a few different styles you can slide in from the side that can have a notification bar on top, a modal window that pops up in the middle and a full page display and you can trigger that based on either people trying to leave the page or clicking a pop up or certain amount of time has passed and just about everything is customizable and they will have a different editor coming out relatively soon.


And here's some examples of what you can do you know if somebody already has a tag or not or has visited particular page you can display different convert boxes and you know what instead of keep scrolling down let's just dive right into the account here so as an example here's an account I have you can have multiple websites and it gives you a dashboard right here that tells you how many people clicks leads etc over different timeframes and you can look at views clicks or leads down below this is kind of where you do the work.


Now first off, you're going to want to have at least one campaign and within that you will have at least one convert box and what I've done is typically have a campaign per site type thing and then whatever convert boxes are appropriate for that site I put inside that campaign. So for instance, for this site, I've got four different convert boxes that could run I'm just going to close that and before we go too far I guess their stats you can just be a little more specific on what you want to see and there's some account settings for instance you can update your profile, the embed code, which is nice, it's generic, you can use a WordPress plugin, of course, if you have WordPress, they give you the exact code to embed. And the nice thing is even if you update your convert box, you do not need to update the code that's involved or you can simply send the instructions to a developer and have them installed which is basically take this code and go ahead and emebbed that.
What about email?

Email Systems

What else is there settings let me see what that Okay, oh right. You can connect to a number of different email systems in general and some other ones. I'm using Active Campaign. But it looks like AWeber, Infusionsoft, Ontraport number of different emails. You can have a custom HTML form. And what else was there? billing, I don't think we need to really go through there. But let's go back to the dashboard and show you an example. So let's go into this campaign.


And we're going to edit this convert box and I'll show you what you can do. But there are some nice things you can look at specific stats, you could reset if you want, clone it, which is a great feature makes it easy just to make some slight modifications. And then you can move to a site or delete but I'm going to go ahead and edit this. But let me just show you first the preview. So in this case, I know this is the full window takeover and that's all it is. It's got a picture of me the name and then it's got a call to action and then the email address which is connected to ActiveCampaign. I'll show you that specifically.


So there's the name. And what's nice is you just click along the top next will take you to the next step. But I think there's a back once you get going, and you can save it exit it. But we basically go to set up a customized display and targeting. So I gave it a name and associated with a particular campaign and then you choose the type of convert box you want to use. So you can use the bar on the top, you could have a slide in our center modal and full page. So I'm using a full page. But let me just show you. For instance, if I do this center modal, and I'm going to go to the next step. And this is where you get a change the look and feel. And this is what it looks like. So let me actually go back change to a bar and then show you what it looks like.

Full Page

And then one more time actually two more because I'm going to show you a few different ones. And I go back and actually I am doing a full page on this one. And this is where you get a customized if you notice if you run your mouse over it you can see that it highlights different sections. So for instance, if I click on this, I can now click and edit the text. And I have some limited capabilities on formatting so I can make it bold, underline italics or I could strike through.


Now if I go back here and I click on layout options, you can see the different things I've enabled the profile which is this picture up here. So the toggle that on and off there's the headline on and off. I could have a sub headline I didn't I could have an image I didn't I could embed a video but I didn't. I definitely have the button. No I don't. Yes, I do, no I don't opt in form. Now one thing is known as watch what happens when I toggle button and watch what happens to the opt in form it turns one off or turns the other on. I'm going to go back down here and do opt in and I can have a countdown timer.

Countdown Timer

So I'm going to double click on that. And the length of the countdown timer. It depends on whether it starts at the visitor views convert box, or do you just want to hard code in a date? So if I wanted to hard code in a date, I could do something like that. And what time of day do you want to expire, which is nice change. The color of labels can be changed days, minutes, hours, seconds, I'm not gonna do anything like that. Matter of fact, I'm not even going to use this. So I'm going to go back here and turn this off. Here's probably the feature, you know, like the most. So I clicked on this, I can edit this, I could start typing and change that. But really, I want to go to set up form actions. And I've set for instance, when somebody subscribes a URL that they can redirect to, I could simply show them the thank you message, but I want them to go to a specific page because I'm actually tracking I could pass the form values in the URL parameters and maybe pick those up on the thank you page if I want to. But from here I'm going to click on setup form actions.

... then magic

And this is kind of where the magic happens. So when a form is submitted, what do you want to have happen. So I'm doing two things, I'm putting them onto a list and then adding them to an automation. So let's just say I want to do a third thing.


So you want to select the integration and I've got IntegratePro and another Active Campaign account. I've also got the webhook capability and not going to use that but I'm just showing you let's go back to IntegratePro and then decide what I want to do. I want to add them to a list, move them add them to an automation or remove them add them a tag, remove a tag, add a new tag or add them to a form so I definitely have a lot of options there so for instance I might do that and then it's nicely will show me all the lists that I have same with for instance, automations, right now I've got a lot here you can't see them all. There's definitely a lot of them. Anyways, that is probably one of the most powerful features of convert box.

Next step

And then going on to the next step, once you got the way way you like it, just simply go to next and long way if you want, you can click on save. Now show this convert box on pages on my website. So I want them to click on a link and I have to have this code to the link that they click on.


Alternatively I could have it if they want to leave the page if they've been active/inactive for a period of time they scroll to a certain percentage of the page or just show after a specific amount of time. And that is that one is very appropriate for mobile versus if they try to leave so as far as I know you can't tell if somebody's trying to leave until they've left whereas on it desktop, you can indicate somebody leading by their mouse going up to the top.


You can also show it immediately or showed a mill immediately is a welcome mat above your page, which basically pushes the content down.

And this one, I believe, if I remember, right, yeah, you can basically wrap convert box around an external web page. Now I'd be careful on this know some people don't like having their content wrapped on iframe owned by somebody else. But it can certainly be done. So if I go back here, I'm showing this immediately if I wanted to, actually I don't remember I think I added as when they click a link Yeah, there it is.


But if I wanted to show it immediately, I could say for how many for each visitor for a maximum number of 10 views and how many per day type things you can really set the rules and do you want to display on all pages or specific pages and this case. You can say I want to include these pages, I want to exclude these pages. But notice, there are a lot of options. I'm going to go back to the way it was, which is if a visitor clicks a link on my page, I want somebody to proactively do that.


Moving on next to targeting, you can set a goal and you stop showing this if they visit a specific page, in my case, what I'm trying to accomplish, get somebody to sign up. And if they actually sign up, they get to a specific page. And once they've seen that page, I don't want them to see a convert box again. So very easy to do that. And then you want to click on Finish. And you can either go to dashboard or go to editor and that's it. It's relatively simple to set up, you know, you choose what you're going to display and what kind of format what actions you want to have happen.


How often do you want people to see it, you need to install the embed code on your website either through a WordPress plugin or hard coded in but one way or the other you need to have that on the site now you probably wonder what why would I need this if I have something like Thrive Leads well you don't need it you certainly get a lot more capability with something like this versus what's built into a number of different for instance a WordPress page builders it's got a lot more flexibility gives you a lot more options and gives you a lot of control over what can happen when somebody visits your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ConvertBox?

ConvertBox is a way to offer personalized lead capture forms and segmentation funnels to the right visitors at the right time to help you convert visitors into customers.

Does ConvertBox work with MailChimp?

ConvertBox works with a number of different email service providers including ActiveCampaign, AWeber, ConvertKit, Drip, GetResponse, Infusionsoft, MailChimp, Ontraport and more.

How much does ConvertBox cost?

Currently, ConvertBox is priced at $295 USD for one time purchase.  It is likely that sometime in the future it will be priced as a monthly and annual subscription.

Is ConvertBox better than OptinMonster?

OptinMonster is a lead generation plugin specifically for WordPress that charges a subscription price.  ConvertBox is a lead capture form that works across multiple platforms and is priced as a one time purchase.  For those reasons, ConvertBox is better than OptinMonster

That's my convert box review.

... and all the details

... that you might want

How to do a downsell using ConvertBox with ThriveCart

Convert box thrive cart down sell you're going to see how when a visitor tries to leave your thrive cart checkout page we're going to present a down sell offer through convert box and we're going to use downtime or symbol thrive card and convert box that'd be honest thrive card has down sell capability built let's dive right in and see what we can do so inside your convert box count you're going to want to make sure you're hooked up to your thrive card account you've created a campaign and a convert box.

Let's go through the details. Here. I'm using a full page takeover. I've customized it so there's a headline there's a button, and this button is going to go to the special offer the thrive card special offer and I've also sent a countdown timer to four minutes and I'm also going to send a side thrive card the same countdown timer and they won't be perfectly synced, but they are close for display.

We want to show it when a visitor tries to leave the page and I want to display it on the first page that they see in thrive card and for targeting. The thing I want to put here is I'm going to do I want to enable a goal here. So if they visit a specific page, which is the special offer, or the down sell that will register vehicle. So now inside thrive card, I've got two products. This is the original right here and this is the down sell offer.

In this page. The only thing you really need to do is make sure you've got tracking enabled and you've pasted in the JavaScript code from convert box for the second product. Because we are using the goal capability. We do also need to have tracking enabled. Also I want to customize the checkout page to have a countdown timer and this is set four minutes and I'm doing a reset countdown you could redirect them to whatever page or leave a message and I'm going to go ahead and close that.

So what I want to do now is test this out by going to the original pay the regional checkout page and when I try to leave I should get a full screen takeover page that has a link to the special offer and both of them will have a countdown timer so now I'm going to try and lead the page and this pops up so I've got four minutes if I click here I get redirected to convert box special and yes, the countdown timer slightly off, but there's also the different price that's how you can do it down, so with convert box and thrivecart.

How to use ConvertBox for a multi step optin

Okay, so we're going to talk about ConvertBox on or no, I called it tweak because I want to make a slight change to what it can do.

ConvertBox has some great capabilities as far as I can tell, um, I think it's got upside potential. In other words, it's not really doing everything that it can and the example here is you can do a two step opt in. So for instance at the top you can like ask a question are you man or what?

And then you can put them on an email list and then down below I show another example ask them a question ask them another question you can send them off to a wink however, you can't really do all that in one fell swoop I think I hope they're going to get there where you can ask as many questions as you want and have as many answers as you want. But right now it's not possible so we're going to glue it together and I'm just going to show you how to do that so I'm going to log in the ConvertBox where are you right here and yes, this account is less than a week old so I'm kind of get my head wrapped around it. If you do sign up. First thing you'll do is create the account you will add a domain and the settings you're going to want to do our get the embed code I'm not going to show that one simply just a snippet of characters and if you have WordPress go into WordPress on your site and download.

They're ConvertBox plugin pasted in. You're done. Otherwise, you have to install some JavaScript on all pages. I guess the great thing is, once you do that, it's a one time deal. So anything you do inside ConvertBox goes live immediate.

So you're going to need to embed code settings. Two things are basically sites just keep adding sites. You don't have to do HTTP or anything like that. Notice I'm using the thrive carts sub domain so you can put this on thrive cart. The other thing is integrations, there they are right there you can do Zapier down here or your own custom HTML. I'm just using Active Campaign. I guess the one thing I really like is I can do multiple accounts, I ended up buying agency version so if I get a wild hair and decide I want to share this or sell this capability to other people, I can easily add them in there. And if you've ever done added accounts, it's pretty darn simple. Come up with a name, find the API URL and key paste it in and you're good to go and that's it setups done at that point nothing really else to do as far as I can tell, um. Then you're going to want to create a campaign first then it convert bar box that goes inside that campaign. So I got really creative created one called go ww go that's a campaign and then I've got three ConvertBoxes inside of there. So I'm just going to instead of creating a new one, I'll just show you what it looks like. Gosh, it's super easy. There it is. There's a name you can set goals for what I'm showing I'm not worried about that so much. I'm not even going to show you that so that's a campaign and then inside I've got a number of ConvertBoxes.

So let me show you the first one and this one has the Are you a man or woman question followed by the autoresponder and if I look at the preview it's only going to show me the first step it's not going to show the two step, which is a little unfortunate, no big deal. But basically after that, depending on their answer, they're going to get sent to a page that will display either the man or the woman ConvertBox. And this is a full page takeover. And then I want to know for instance, age in weight, but let's go in here. And let me show you if I was to create one, this is what I would do come in name, sign a campaign to it, check or select one of these options. The bar can be top or bottom sliding can be one of four corners, the center modal or the full page here's where probably you do the most work is on the customer customization page. And one thing you notice is you can basically turn on and off options you don't have a lot nor do you have a lot of control over font or anything like that. I suspect that's forthcoming but not out for what I'm doing and this one I'm simply going to have a headline which right here and notice as soon as I click on it, I can now edit it. But also I toggle over to the element options and I can change in this case text color. And that's it. I go back here I'm back to the front. The only other thing I've done is buttons and one thing to comment if I do a button I can't do an opt in form and also if I do an image can't do a video so just You'll figure that out if you haven't already so I've done the button and if I click on it notice the plus sign that's how I can add another box and I can only add three unfortunately in my opinion, I'd love to have more what you also noticed is over here What am I going to do next I can go to a web page I can open a second step working simply close it I'm going to the second step that I've got I'm interested in so if I do that I'm going to click here and came up with a killer headline took me forever to figure this one out.

I think it's going to winner Thank you then the autoresponder and here's what at first I took me forever to figure out is set this up ran it's like why isn't it working well not you don't just click on the actually have to come over here and click on autoresponder actions and again I've already hooked up after campaign picking one of my accounts What do you want to do add remove to a list automation tag or even create a new tag and normally I would put somebody in automation and being lazy for demonstration purposes and simply putting them on a list and you can do multiple things my opinion is you really just want to do one thing and then let your email provider do the heavy lifting to do the all the other stuff but that's my personal preference so I can go back to step one and if you're curious and not surprised the exact same thing happens for if somebody selects a woman and I actually forgot to show you one tiny thing with the auto response.

I'm after they subscribe and this is kind of important to accomplish what I was looking to do I want to redirect to URL I don't want to do a thank you message. And if you look at this link and you're going to you'll see it coming up in a little bit there's a question mark gender equals woman at the end. And of course for the man there's gender equals man so this is the thank you page I'm sending them to and I've got a question mark gender equals woman tagged at the end. So keep that one in the back of your mind. It's kind of an important thing for this to work the way I wanted to I'm going to go to display I could just click Next to get there.

In this is a demonstration so you know, this is going to keep popping up over and over if I visit that page. And I'm doing that because if I don't, you know, cookies are going to block me it's going to confuse the heck out of me. So for this demonstration, I'm just leaving it to show as much as I can. The one thing I think it's important now.

Is to spell out a URL that you want it to go to. And notice, I don't have the question mark at the end gender equals woman or anything like that. It's just a straight URL. When I first tried this, I said, Oh, you know, if it has a certain word in it, I'm going to do that. Um,

actually, I was doing like, sorry, gender equals woman that doesn't work. That's part of the query string, not exactly part of the URL. That was kind of a subtlety I figured out so I just simply put in Where do I wanted to show regardless of what's on the query string.

And then last is targeting normally I'd be a little more selective and pick targeting but again, I'm just I want to make sure this works. So when I do a demonstration doesn't screw up for me, and you'll see that on the next one. So that's the initial question one, Are you a man or woman and then the second thing is, it puts you on an autoresponder.

And let's go back.  Yeah, okay so I've said so we saw the first one of three.  Now depending on if the answer man or woman they're going to go into one of these two so I'll just show you one because the other ones identical except for the gender.

Um, so the setup nothing fancy, this one's going to be a full page takeover. We're going to go to customization it kind of looks the same right? Other than I'm using I'm using a headline and using the sub headline to ask question I've also got buttons in here now I'm going to click on this button and like the last one he goes to a second step and guess what? There's another question. It's another buttons However, this is a little bit different.

So if I click on this button and instead of going to another step, the second step which is no longer an option here it's only a two step I would love to have multi step I am going to URL Now watch this guy. This one gets super ugly and messy because there's the thank you page but look at this I got gender equals man I've got a whole bunch of other stuff at the end. Now I want this not to be a headache for you. So I've got something that will help this so that you don't have to come up with all this stuff right here. The beat the Big E is I've got this little all equals a one B one see if I go here slightly different I go to the end it's a one be one seat to even want to guess the last one.

Don't even waste your breath. I will show it to you. Oops. I can do that one wrong oh I did a thing I checked but anyways so I'm there it is. And let's just gosh I'm I'm feeling kind of nervous. I'm going to go back to there's 50. I'm going to go and just check out that Second Step. Make sure it looks right. So let's, let's do more than 30 pounds. Let's look at the name a one. So a one's a man be three, C three. Okay, so I did something right there.

Okay, so next is display. Again, I'm doing exact URL. This is a different page note it's on there. I could have, you know, whatever. But I definitely don't want to have the query string there. And because I'm allowing this to show an unlimited number of times when I show you a demo, it's going to just keep popping up and annoy you. However, I would normally set this to like once a day type thing or really it should just be once because they're just signing up but I'm going to leave it on unlimited for now and then targeting little bit more specific. So I did say targeting and I did set up a rule that says if you have gender equals man and for the URL string contains that's the stuff after the question mark it's not part of the URL per se it's that stuff after and some of the options are basically number of visits visitors location device mobile whatever which page has been visited have they seem to ConvertBox and then I the one we just did where they came from and then good old autoresponder activity which I think is kind of a winner, but I'm not using it in this case.

So I could do something like this. I could say, are they on this list? Are they do they do they or do they not have this tag? So there's definitely some upside potential there, especially if you send your visitors to a page that has a ConvertBox on it. So okay, now probably the big the big thing here is how do I come up with all these URLs?

That's where is it.

And that's where this guy comes into play. And I'll share a link to this, you can side if it's something you'll find worthwhile or not. And it kind of, I'll be honest, kind of looks like a mess, but it does kind of saved my bacon for making mistakes. I'd rather spend the time building this and then have it generate all the proper links don't screw it up. Um, but what it does is you give it the thank you page that someone's going to go to you provide your questions and you actually don't even have to list them. But you definitely have to list all the answers to the question. So here's the first question Are you a man or woman you can have up to three answers. I'm just going with man or woman I know we could throw something else in there. But you know, how old are you three answers again, I would love to have more answers possible and then how much weight to one so you feel that out? You feel this out and then also these variables. So for question one.

Are you a man or woman?

I'm going to call the variable gender doesn't matter really what you call it, but to me, that makes sense. How old are you? That's age, how much weight Do you want to lose, that's going to be weight. And then it goes off and builds all these links.

So for instance, if I change this to, let's just say, kid, notice, it puts the word kid in there. So all these links are being built. I've already thought out, you know, the logic how I want the links to be, and these are going to be all those thank you page URLs, because there's you can have three sets of questions, three answers, that's 27 possibilities. But in this case, because the man or woman only has two questions, I basically have 18 so these 18 links right here, go to all the options that I showed you back here.

So in this case, I think we're at a man over 50 wants to lose 30 pounds and that's a one B three c three,  a one d3. See it's right here this line right here. So yes that's a man over 50 wants to lose more than 30 pounds so that's one part second part is content hopefully I mentioned I don't think I did mention I'm using WordPress plugin URL programs to display content conditionally and I'll show that to you in just a second here but this is all the code that gets generated so I would copy all of this stuff right here in these blocks pasted into WordPress and then where it's got content for man over 50, I would put in the content I want to display so why don't we go into WordPress now and show you what I mean here.

Here's the thank you page that I've specified. I put this in as a way to show that I'm on the right track.

Page, it's basically using URL parameters, for instance, at age is in there than they were, then you want to print this sense which says for a person or whatever gender for a man or woman less than 30 years old who wants to lose 10 to 30 pounds. So it's going to keep changing based on the results. And then here is all that the code that I pasted are copied from here. So let me just copy it to show it to and it goes right there. So these are all the different options so if somebody shows up who's a man under 30, less than 10 wants to lose less than 10 pounds I'm going to put something in here and replace it that's a placeholder to remove and then put in the appropriate content. This is up here just to kind of show me that I'm doing things right now. I actually wanted to be like this without any line breaks and the reason is this this plugin will put in extra white space which I don't want so that's why I use for instance this link right here go to this site maybe and just paste that bad boy in there remove line breaks and then copy back and paste that into your WordPress site so let's do moment of truth and actually test this out so we are going to go to, whoops too many!

ConvertBox and this is one beautiful design. Hopefully there's going to be a pop up man or woman shortly I hope there is let's start with man now it's two women see what happens. Okay, I'm going to say the wedding costs

Female dot com and I'm going to be inside by Active Campaign account I'm not even going to look at that for now so now I'm getting redirected to the thank you page I've got gender equals woman and there's the takeover screen notice it says gender equals woman I'm going to let's say I want to be under 30 Today I only need to lose 10 pounds so it's going to pop up again I think unfortunately but remember earlier I said I just want to work so I'm not going to Okay that's it so I've got man so there we go Dave botched it up good time you know what I need to do this in incognito mode so let me show you that just so I can prove that I know what I'm doing to what was it ConvertBox yeah nothing and wish ConvertBox had a way to clear clear cookies reset it.

So when I'm testing a would work properly let's do maybe I screwed up the logic I hope got the gender equals woman there let's do under 30 less than 10 pounds alright so there it is it says gender equals woman this time so that was kind of a cookie issue if I'm not mistaken so for a woman under 30 years old who wants to lose less than 10 pounds and then I would have content here that would be appropriate so you guys 20 minutes on the dot i think i'm done unless there are some specific questions but um hopefully that gives you some ideas of what ConvertBox can do. I didn't spend a lot of time going through all the gory details. I'm sure you guys know how to click through and figure it out on your own. But there's definitely I think some upside hopefully you will enhance their capabilities but holy crap, this is a godsend to me. So that's it.

How to provide content upgrades using ConvertBox

ConvertBox Content Upgrade

Today we're covering and ConvertBox how to do simple content upgrade.

Be clear, what I'm talking about when I talk about a content upgrade is when somebody signs up to your email list you're providing them in this case a PDF file that's appropriate based on the page that they signed up from. And my opinion the great thing here is it just happens there's not a lot of configuration you have to do there is the fact that we one rule that you need to follow but it is it is pretty darn simple. And just just to be sure we're all on the same page. Let me show you an example.

So on this page right here, if I sign up after convert box pops up and I put a different one on here and there it is, since I sign up I immediately I'm going to get a PDF downloaded to my computer and there it is right there if I go to a different page and I think I've got one more setup.

And if I sign up there, I will get something else appropriate based on this page. I'm going to sign up one more time and they're different PDF file related to the page I just signed up. So how do we do this?

Well, it's pretty simple. That is a basically a one time setup. And then automatically as you saw, it delivers the content to the person that signed up there is one rule that you need to follow. I'm going to show that on the next page. And I'm going to kind of go into details but honestly it's a simple rule to follow.

And it's this for this to work the name of the content upgrade file needs to match the URL of the page. So by way of an example if the content upgrade file name is dog dash care dot PDF

Then the page URL needs to have that dog dash Karen it and it needs to be kind of an exact match, if you will. And I'll give you some examples to make sure it's clear. So and you know, most people, this is just going to happen automatically. It's for the people that might put in strange characters, but what you need to do is whenever you name your pages and files, please use letters, numbers, dashes, underscores, that's it and that's what most people do no white space can't put in a white space in the name so as an example these are pages that would absolutely work again dog dash care peak dot PDF is the name of the content upgrade file for instance the first one there is simply dog dash care at the end that works dog dash care with the slash at the end works and it's kind of a WordPress setup the third one dog dash care dot html that works the number four which is capital case with a dot htm

Know that works. Number five, it's got the query string parameters at the end, that works, that's fine. And number six, I hope you don't do this. But you can actually get away with this. If you put a kind of a strange or weird character in there, that would actually work as long as the name of the file doesn't have that character. Because when the script that delivers the PDF works, it'll strip out that that kind of strange character there. So those are the type of file names that will work or page URLs that will work with, in this case, the dog dash care PDF

over here, here's what doesn't work. And number one, what's different there is it says dog dash cares. That's not an exact match. It's not exactly the way the name of the file is. And the second one has an underscore in the file main are sorry, the page URL, but it has a dash in the file name. So that's not going to

work it's not an exact match number three is well there's no dash and number four is actually my did misspelled the URL it looks like good for me but also has white space between your dog and care and sometimes you'll see that percent 20 so really it just comes down to making sure the name of the file and in the URL for identical at least the last part of the URL

and here's a good example if you're inside WordPress most people have WordPress configured such that whenever they type the name the title in here it automatically generates a URL that uses the title and puts dashes where there's white space so you're pretty much covered if you're using WordPress

um and then inside your convert Box account there's just one thing to do for whatever convert box you're going to be using is after somebody subscribes you want to make sure they get redirected to a year.

URL that's important. And it's important that it's URL that you own. And it's a subdirectory. And I'm going to suggest to use the subdirectory name PDF, because we were delivering PDFs. So that's all you have to do. There's nothing else in that URL that needs to be there just has to have a name that you're going to redirect people to so they can download or get their PDF file immediately.

And then just inside your hosting account, in this case, I've got a subdirectory called PDF. I've got my PDF files and notice the naming structure. We already lived a dog dash care convert box if I have a page called car I have a PDF for that I have one for phone that works also there's a file called index dot php. So you would create that and I'm going to show you the content and give you a link to it at the end here, but you basically have all your PDF files in there and then you have a

file called index dot php

now not trying to confuse or just throw stuff out there. But this is what's in there. We're not going to go over exactly what it does. I will point out that very first arrow up there, the only error I've got points to something called Thank you dollar Thank you URL and between the double quotes you want to put in a page to send somebody to thank them. And that only gets used if there isn't a file to deliver to them. So it's kind of a backup otherwise they would get redirected to a blank page. So recall from the example we did when we went to dog dash care the PDF file immediately downloaded and then I stayed on that page. However, if I did not have a content upgrade file, I would have been redirected somewhere or not, I would have been redirected.

To my PDF directory and it's just a white blank page.  My recommendation is up there you put in a specific URL like http colon slash slash example calm forward slash thank you it's kind of a backup just to make sure that they see something appropriate

and I'll be honest I'm in the Convert box Facebook group and I posted this the other day I haven't seen a reply to it and there's a reason I'm asking this is because uh. I want to make this a little more advanced and I'm showing you so far which is basically you know, I want convert box to send back the email address that was used by the person that signed up. The way it works right now is great, it immediately delivers the content upgrade. I guess the downside to that is somebody could just throw in whatever email address they want and get my content upgrade. I'm okay with that. But I'd also like to have a little more control so hopefully they will address that.

This, I'm going to take a bath that they will add this as a feature. But the reason I point that out as I put a couple boxes around a little bit of the code there, and this is kind of for future development soon as they have made that change and I'm suggesting I'm going to update this script that this works as it is, but in the meantime, I'm ready to catch the email address if they ever do send it over that's near that box in the top the box at the bottom is going to basically add to your email system, their content upgrade URLs, so instead of you set up delivering it right away, you can deliver it via your autoresponder so that way for instance, they might have to confirm their address to actually get the content but that's the idea um, you know, the idea is simply you can create a folder on your site put in a script upload your can apply files and the only thing that really matters is that you make sure the name is the same as the URL of the page that they signed up for. And that's about it.

ConvertBox URL Params

This is a ConvertBox Review about using URL params, what is it and what can we do with it.

ConvertBox Release

So ConvertBox release to feature a little subtle featured allows you to send along information that's collected in the ConvertBox and do whatever you want with it. In this case, I'm going to show you how to display information about the person on the thank you page. And then also pre populate a shopping cart page. For your thank you page I'm assuming of a WordPress site, you're going to want to install the URL parameter plugin. So let's dive right in. So inside your convert Box account you're wanting to create or edit it, ConvertBox go to Customize.

Opt-in Form

And I have the opt in form enabled want to just click on that, instead of showing a thank you message, you want to redirect to a URL pasting where you want on your site for them to go to. And then also take this past form values in URL parameters box that's important.

Redirect URL

That means the information collected here will get sent to this URL, whatever information you're collecting will get sent. And you can do whatever you want with it. And we'll show you what you can.

ConvertBox Display Pages

One other thing I recommend is display showing all pages, no show on specific pages. And I would do add a page rule URL contains and then don't give it this specific page, remove that specific part. But basically the domain itself and then exclude, you're going to want to exclude that exact URL. In other words, it doesn't show up on the thank you page. And then after that, go ahead and save.


And that's it. So that's ready to go. Now, inside your WordPress site, you're going to want to add the URL parameter plugin, there's no configuration for usage whatever page in this case cases we're using, convert box dash Thank you, you're going to want to put in this syntax square bracket URL brand equals and then double quotes first name and then closing bracket with the forward slash.


And then same for email. So when somebody signs up through convert box are going to redirect to this convert box, thank you page. And their information is going to be shown up. Let's try it out. So this is the homepage there it is.


So there's my information. Now this is the very basic use case you can get a lot fancier. Next up, let's try something a little bit different. We're going to send somebody once they sign up to a checkout page, a shopping cart page. So I want to make this a little bit different. I'm going to go to Customize, I'm not going to worry about display. The only thing we want to do here is I want to change this.

Middleman Script

So I'm going to send it to a what I call a middleman script, something that will take the information sent over convert it to what's appropriate for my shopping cart. I'm using ThriveCart, and then we'll pass it along. So let me show you the code. It's actually relatively simple. It's this script here, it's got 16 lines, the only thing you would have to do is put in this link. This is a thrive cart checkout page. Let me just show you what it looks like.


There it is. And I want to populate this these fields with the person's information once they sign up. So what it does is it grabs whatever sin puts it into variable and then redirects to that location with the appropriate parameter variable.

Shopping Cart

So I know that these are appropriate for thrive card for other shopping carts, it's going to be something different. So let's test this one out now.

URL Parameters

So there we pre populated the information that was collected on the Convert box. That's how you use URL parameter with ConvertBox.

Also, you can boost your conversion rate by using a two step call to action.  With ConvertBox it is very simple to create the type of two step offers that convert well.  Start by framing the conversation before you actually reveal the main call to action.

ConvertBox Roadmap

Plans are underway to improve ConvertBox.  There should be a new editor in the not to distant future that will add a lot of flexibility to what ConvertBox can do.


Now is the time to get ConvertBox.


The small print ... You can increase your conversions using ConvertBox.