Thrivecart Foreign Language

Thrivecart Foreign Language.

Any this video we're going to cover how to handle accented characters. Now, this is kind of a unique use case. So for instance, the word Stephanie, I think in French has a little tick mark above the letter E.

And unfortunately, when that gets sent over for instance from Thrivecart Zapier, it gets changed a little bit. Now while the web understands that it doesn't look right, so we want to fix that up and to do so we need to have a Zapier account of course, and we're going to put in a script in between Thrivecart and Zapier, that will clean it up and then send it on to Zapier. So let's dive right in.

Now, to start with, um, we're going to have to create Zapp and I've already done so and we're going to use it inside Thrivecart, you want to set up a webhook, type, zap, you're going to want to Well, let's just look at it. So it's a webhook we want to catch a hook and the setup and they give you the URL. So you want to copy that and save that.

And then we're going to go to Edit options do nothing, just want to continue and then we want to get to test this step and I've already done a few times so I know what's going to happen. But the next step, once we have the webhook right here, is we want to go into thrivecart go to settings and we're not going to use the built-in capability that thrivecart provides. So I think down here this big you can get connected to Zapier.

We're not using that we want to go back here, go to API and webhooks, webhook and notifications, View Settings and we're just going to create once so I'm going to give it a I'm going to call it Zapier paste in that link, right so we're done on this side. And on Zapier side there waiting for us to send it over information. We go back to test this step and I've already done this I want to do it again and I need to basically make a test purchase.

So I've got a product in test mode. I've got it right here I've got the name. Notice the little character above the letter E and I'm going to go ahead and make a test purchase.The purchase has been completed.

Now I want to go back to Zapier and I want to go down here sometimes this takes a little bit of time. So I'm going to click on get more samples. I'm looking for something there it is pulled one second ago and I want to go look at it.

If I scroll down, and I'm looking for the name notice right there. The customer name is a little messed up. It's got this ampersand all the way to the semicolon we do not want that that's just not right if I'm going to push this into my email system from on the add a step that's not going to look right. So what we're going to do different is this so next step is we need to copy a script and modify so this location, you're going to want to copy this script here that's right here.

And you're going to want want to log into your hosting account. Typically your Cpanel account and create a file called webhook(dot)php. You can put it in a subdirectory, for instance, a subdirectory called thrivecart and then have a script. And there are a file called webhook(dot)php.

Now I've already set this up. And I'm going to go ahead and I've got a temp directory and I've got a script called webhook(dot)php. I'm going to paste that in there.

And if I go back up to the top, there are a few things I need to put in here. This one is required. These other two are optional. So the first thing is I want to get the webhook URL again.

So back to Zapier, go to set up a webhook copy that go back to your webhook(dot)php script in between the double quotes. I want to paste that in there. So that's all you have to do if you want to be a little more specific.

What I'd recommend is right here list of product IDs, what is the product ID you want to have this occur on. If you leave it empty, it will work for all products in your account. You may or may not want to do that.

So let's go find the product ID inside your thrive card account. When you're editing the product, if you come up here, you'll notice that the number at the end that is your product ID. I'm going to copy that this will be the only product idea once I'm going to do double quotes and then put the number in there.

If I wanted to do another one, I might do this and say 23, something like that. So those would be the only two but if I do this, only product ID 27 can occur. And then finally, what events do you want to have happen?

In my opinion, you probably only want to have it happen when there's an order success. You probably don't want to have it happen when somebody payment fails or somebody makes a payment or somebody cancels. So I am going to recommend the pudding. Yes, here. That's it. So this script is set up.

Now we need to know the location of it because we're going to go back into thrive cart and make a modification and back in thrivecart we want to edit this webhook and I'm actually just going to go ahead and delete it and I'm going to create a new one I'm going to call it test and I need to know the URL of where I put it. Click on Save this webhook. Okay, so I gave it the wrong URL.

Save this workbook. There we go. Now this time when I make a purchase a test purchase info information will be sent directly to my webhook on my web server and it will then take that information, clean it up, send it on to Zapier, so what we can do is go back here go to test the step in just a minute after we make a purchase will pull in the new one to double check.

So I'm going to go back I'm going to put in a different email address. Click on complete order. Okay, the orders completed. Now I can go back into Zapier to check so I'm going to click on get more samples.

There's one that was pulled just one second ago and there's the name. Notice it's correct it's formatted properly I think there's another account another version down there. Let's look for the name again there's the first name this comes in useful when you want to display a customer's name on a membership site for instance so you want to make sure displays right and this is how we cover Thrivecart Foreign Language Characters.


How to configure your ActiveCampaign opt in form

Active Campaign opt in form, there's two things I want to mention about your opt in form, make sure it loads fast and you deliver on what you promised.

Start on the fast part, there's a site called Think with Google obviously owned by Google that will test your page load speed, time for 3g Mobile, to give you an idea of how it performs for the majority of the population. They say that more than half the people in the world you are using 3g so why not test again, in this case, I've got an opt in page and it's good not excellent but it's good enough and not a theory losing too many people.

Now once I'd like a little bit better because it gives you more details called gt metric and I don't really care about the scores the the fully loaded times good to know how many what's the page size and number of requests, and if you were to follow down lower they do give you recommendations on how to improve stuff.

Probably the better view is the waterfall which is showing how long it takes.Each piece or part of your website to load. So the very first line is typically the site coming to life. In this case, it's about three tenths of a second. And then there's a number of CSS files, there's a number of images. And there's some Google Analytics, Facebook tracking, Active Campaign tracking, and then also convert box, which is what I'm using for email capture.

If you notice, this one right here definitely takes longer than most and it's also by far the biggest image on there. So if I reduce that, that might help or for all these aren't big file sizes, by any stretch of the imagination compared to other sites, but this one is the biggest on this site.

So you get some insight into what are the things you can improve upon and I'll be honest, you know, if you're using some of these page builder type services, you're probably not going to get the fastest page possible page load speed possible mainly because they add an extra code and things that oftentimes slow your site down. So in this case, I've got a straight up HTML site that just loads pretty darn quick.

On the mobile, it looks like this on the left is, you know the view you see if you go to that page, and you don't even have to scroll down, that is what you see and hopefully, it's pretty darn obvious. What I'd like you to do, which is click care if you do do that, on the right hand side is what shows up which is convert box taking over the page display in a form we put in only or email and send me the integrate pro guide.

And if you look at on the desktop, it's pretty darn straightforward. I'm not trying to get them to do anything but sign up or click here and get the guide now there's really nothing else you can click all these other things that you can click like up there, this and this logo down at the bottom. They all do the same thing. It opens up the form to get your email and that's it. Now here's what happens behind the scenes.

So inside my active campaign account have three web for our three automation is associated with this web one web form and I've also got a number of tags and to be honest I'm actually trying to filter people out I do not want anybody on this list that isn't interested in what I'm offering so I do make them go through a little bit of hoops just to show you just to get them to basically raise your hand and say yes I truly am interested.

So the first thing is this IP membership signup automation, which looks like this and convert box puts them into their here in addition to putting them on a list. And then the very first thing I do is I put them in this IP membership confirm automation. And then at the same time they sit here at this goal and tell they've met it. And that's actually the important part wait until conditions are met, which is make sure they have this tag.

So let me show you what this confirm automation does. So they get put in here. Basically right away. We send an email we're asking for confirmation. And hopefully you can see it, but I'll show it to you in a minute. It's pretty obvious what I want you to do there, click here to confirm that big red button. And then they wait a day, make sure wait till 8am, send the exact same email again, wait another day, wait till 1pm, send the same email again, wait for a day, wait till 7pm, and then unsubscribe them.

And then once they've done that, remove them from the other automation. So if they've gotten to this point, and they're sitting here, they're going to get removed, they make it down here. What I haven't shown you yet is the goal. So in other words, if they end up having this tag applied, which happens when they click the link in the confirmation email, they skip over all this stuff, get down here and finish if that happens, they've also met this goal and they continue on.

Let me finish up by showing you what's going on in here. So these emails are all the same. All I want them to do is click to confirm. This sends them to a particular link. And what that does is it sends them to a conference thank you page. More importantly, what it does is it applies a tag. So anytime they click that link, they're going to meet this goal, they're going to finish the automation.

Otherwise, if they never click, I'm going to unsubscribe them. I'm in this other automation. Now, assuming they've clicked the goal, click that link, the confirmation link, they're going to get that tag applied, which means they met these conditions they can go since they were waiting until that happened. And then we send out this email, you know, the access guide that I'm providing them way today, basically send the exact same email again, and again, the reason we're doing that is we want to make sure that they actually click the link.

Now in this case, they've already confirmed one so I'm not going to force them to not get their download. At this point. I definitely want them to get it because they basically said yes, I'm confirmed, I'm interested. But the reason I do this here is because I want to survey them. So within this email, what I'm doing is basically this link this is a link to a piece file and anytime they click one of these it goes to the same PDF however they're tagged differently.

In other words, is this person to do it yourself or does this person want to have it done with them or is this a done for me type person so I want to get a little bit of information about power of them. Now they may never click it that's okay it's not great but if they don't click this first time I send another email however if they click the link in here or here for that matter, they get pulled down here and this is not a anything that they wait for.

If they get to this point they continue on now those three links in there apply separate tags and what they have is like I said basically a done Do It Yourself done with you are done for you. And the way I've got this setup is they can come in multiple times as many times as they want. You know, if they click those links as many times they want they'll get put in here got a little logic in there to prevent and getting all of those tags.

So first thing is no matter which way they come in, we check Do they have a Do Not Disturb tag and the point of that is to only send them down this path once at a time for a certain amount of time. So if they already have the Do Not Disturb In other words, they click this little one of these links and then tag they automatically just get wrapped around down to the bottom and then what we do is we don't have it we apply it to basically hold them for five minutes and we start checking.

Do they have a particular tag so if they have the DIY tag we remove the other two if they don't we check the next one Do they have the DWI if they do we get rid of the DIY the DF why now they may not have these anyways but we're still going to try and remove them just to be sure and then finally the done for you tag would get rid of the do it do it yourself and done with you. And this should never happen if they've made it to that point, but it's not a bad idea.

And then finally, we remove the do Not Disturb tag in the automation. Now the reason we're doing this is I only want them to have one of those three tags. And if they decided to get click happy inside their email, I'm going to only take the first one at a time. So they might click one link and then immediately Click the Next. And when you click the third really that first one's probably the one they want. And that's the reason I put in a Do Not Disturb and wait five minutes.

And then at this point, you know, they've told me that they're interested, they've gotten access to the PDF that I'm offering and they've told me a little bit about themselves so that in the future I can use that information to give them the right messaging.

That's the Active Campaign opt in form.

Andres Chaperon's AutoresponderMadness ActiveCampaign

Active Campaign AutoresponderMadness.

In this video, we're going to talk about my implementation of Andre Chaperone's autoresponder madness in Active Campaign. Now Andre covers a lot of content and we're not going to actually dive into how he does or what he does, but we're going to talk about the implementation of his method inside Active Campaign. He uses something called soap opera sequences and he definitely use a segmentation and there's also a product launch sequences that he goes into.

So I plucked off this little screenshot and it kind of captures what's going on. So it starts on the left hand side, somebody signs up gets put into what he calls the main soap opera sequence. And then over time, you're sending out emails on a regular basis.

You're building up preeminence as your authority you're giving so email one email to email three now where it gets interesting is along the way. People can do something highly click a link that sends them off to somewhere else and delivers content based on that quick. In other words, if I've clicked a link in an email about a particular subject I'm going to follow up with another set of emails about that subject because effectively they said they're interested so let's give them what they want.

Now, one thing he doesn't talk about but I have a feeling he would like this is pulling people out of the main soap opera sequence and not disturbing them while they're in a sub-soap opera sequence. And I suspect with his newer version of autoresponder madness coming out shortly that might be included. But I'd like to show you my implementation if you have a chance I'd suggest checking out autoresponder madness.

If you sign up you're going to get into something it looks like this and it's a full blown course it takes you to step by step through all the things that are important part of this. You know what to expect the big picture understand your audience loops open a nested the closed loop open in nested loops. And if you ever if you're on Andres email list and you get one of these soap opera sequences it can be painfully frustrating because he is so good at telling a story and what I'll do is a lead you adjust to the edge before you reveal something as Oh I'll tell you about it tomorrow but it's incredible the storytelling capability. And then there's more soap opera sequences segmenting your list and product launch sequences so let's dive right in.

Inside your Active Campaign account, you're going to want to set up you know let's call it the main soap opera sequence I've called it autoresponder madness. So, it's pretty obvious doesn't know how people get in there. You know, you just want to make sure it's appropriate they're there in automation and all I want to do is I'm sending that email after email after email that are story based it's serialized and again autoresponder madness covers of details.

Great! So I'm just going to build let's call it a simple. Both automation that goes out once per day, and it can go forever. So here's what I'm going to do, then create an email, wait a day, send the next email, etc.

Now you've noticed all I've done is duplicated the same email over and over. So obviously that is not what I would want to do. Now along the way, I'm going to have a link that goes somewhere and when somebody clicks that I want to spin them off. I don't want to disturb them. I want them to savor, enjoy whatever other content comes from there.

So in this implementation, what I would do is each email if there is a link and it sure as heck doesn't look like there is but I'm going to go ahead and ask Wanting Francis this email. So let's just say thank you for whatever this would be a little bit fancier click here. Now, if somebody clicks here, let's give it a link for, and this would send them off to like an SOS seeker soap opera sequence, you would want to add an action.

And in this case, I'm doing doing it, I can do a couple things. I could add them to an automation, but really what I want to do is add a tag and there's a good reason for doing that. Now this let's send them over to soap opera sequence one and I think it's called I called it profile SOS.

Maybe I don't. Anyways, what I've done there is if somebody clicks there, I'm tagging them and the reason I'm going to do that is because of what I'm going to show you next. Like I said, these would all be different emails, they would have different links and on. But if in case somebody actually clicks that link right there, I want to tag them.

And then I'm going to go into another automation. Here I am in soap opera sequence one, somebody gets added when these, this profile tag is added. And I typically want to do it once. I don't want to put them back in there. So if they were to click on that link again, and they had the tag removed, for whatever reason, there's no reason for them to come back in here once.

So again, this would be a sequence of emails spread out over time with a potential link click that would send them to a sales page. Now, what I also want to do in here is kind of important for keeping people separate from the main automation. So I'm at right here soon as they enter I'm going to apply another tag and it's the infamous do this or tag in other words, they're busy now they're going to go through the sequence in the very end.

Guess what I'm going to remove that day and click on Do Not Disturb. So while they're in this soap opera sequence, we're not going to disturb them with anything else. So if we send out a broadcast we want to exclude anybody that has this tag.

Now let's go back into here and do this. So I want to put in a little bit another option right here. So we're going to do a condition or a wait state I should say wait for specific conditions to be met and I'm going to say tag does not exist - Do Not Disturb.

So this is the magic that we're adding to autoresponder madness. And I'm going to leave it as Do Not Disturb and think about this. Somebody comes in, they go to this email, they click a link they get put into another office automation, and I don't want them to receive an email after email after email, just hammering. I want to keep them focused on what they've expressed. Interesting.

So soon as they've done that, they come here and they wait. If they have this tag, if they don't have the tag, they go to this wait state. And then I repeat that every, every time I send an email, I do a conditional or wait until they do not have the Do Not Disturb tag. So again, just here it is, does not exist Do Not Disturb.

So what you're doing is you're respecting your audience's interest. So if they start on one subject, which is your main soap opera sequence, but then they self select and put themselves into another one. You do not want to disturb them while they're in that one. So as soon as they're done here, they will continue with the main automation so this is the one for people to kind of self-select and what I like to call choose your own adventure and receive emails that they're interested in.

That's my implementation of Andre Chaperone and AutoresponderMadness in ActiveCampaign.

Infusionsoft Keap EmailHippo Email Validation To Improve Your Lead Quality Using Email Verification

Infusionsoft EmailHippo.

In this video we're going to talk about using EmailHippo with your Infusionsoft account to help. Hopefully increase the lead quality and the deliver ability fear Infusionsoft account. Now email hippos a service that checks the I guess the validity of the email addresses and can send back a few pieces of information and they send back the status either none safe to send do not send and risky to send And there are some more information and I'm going to show you how we collect that and use that. So let's dive right in.

You're going to log in the assumption is you've already got email verification installed on your site and you're ready to go. There should be a link somewhere that shows you where to get this but go ahead and log in. And the first thing you want to do is click on account, we're going to find our Infusionsoft app name, Infusionsoft API key and then the email API.

Email Hippo API key. So let's start with Infusionsoft. So I'm going to go in here. And I'm just going to copy this link right from the top. And actually, I don't want all of it. Take it back here. Drop it in there.

Remove the extra at the end the infusion, soft API key you can find by going to the drop down arrow, go to admin settings, and then click on application until you see the encrypted key. Go ahead and copy that back to integrate pro email verification, paste in the infusion. Soft API key.

Now you want to get your email Hippo API key, go into your email, Hippo account, the portal that email and from dashboard you want to click on real time and real time API. In here you want to copy your API license Connect, integrate pro email verification and go ahead and paste in the email Hippo API key. Click on Submit and that's taken care of.

So the next thing we want to do is we want to go to the EmailHippo. And before that we do that we want to make sure we have tags in Infusionsoft that are appropriate for the different statuses. So we've already talked about none safe to send do not send risky to send it now there's a few more pieces called his role. In other words, is it role like info postmaster? no reply.

Is it from a free email account service? Is it a disposable email address? Is it a dark web email address? Is it a gibberish domain? I think that's actually kind of a good one to filter out when people just kind of randomly hit the keyboard is gibberish user. And then is it a spam trap? And I have a question about that.

I don't know how they figure that one out. But they report it. So you want to make sure in your Infusionsoft account you have appropriate tags create I've already done that but you want to go into here contacts Go to Settings tags. And I've already created the ones called email, Hippo dash and whatever is the appropriate name based on the status that email Hippo sends back.

So now I want to assign those tags based on the status of emailHippo, so I'm going to search for and then click on Submit. We have one more thing we need to do which is set up a campaign in Infusionsoft that now uses this so you want to click on email Hippo again and copy this web hook URL.

Go back into Infusionsoft and create a campaign so I'm gonna go to marketing campaign builder create my campaign and no surprise here. I'm going to call it email hippo.
And however you want to get somebody in there, for instance, basically a web form if you apply a tag, and this is a good practice to do, typically when people join, and also after a certain number of days of inactivity, or not clicking the emails, are they still valid so I'm gonna go ahead and I'm going to use it tag and I've got one I just use for emergency purposes called panic.

Not that this is a panic situation, I want to go ahead and add an E sequence. This is going to be an email Hippo HTTP POST. Go ahead and connect the two I'm going to go ahead and drop in HTTP POST, double click that post in the URL and that's it.

We do not need to have any more name value pairs. The script is smart enough to go find the email address if you were to include it. That would be fine. But you don't need to.

So I'm going to go ahead and just change that out of draft mode changes out of draft mode and go back and publish this. So now let's find a contact to put in and to make sure this works properly. Okay, here's a contact in this case has no tags whatsoever.

So we're going to apply the panic tag and see if we get a tag applied based on the email Hippo status. So I'm going to go ahead and apply the panic tag which I believe is right here.
And it can take a minute or less than a minute and I'm just going to sit here and refreshes, hoping that I get a result back shortly. There it is the email Hippo safe to send tag has been applied.

So that's how you used Infusionsoft emailHippo.

ActiveCampaign BriteVerify Improve Your Lead Quality Using Email Verification Via API

Active Campaign bright verify.

In this video we're going to cover talking about using bright verify with your Active Campaign list to check the status of your contacts now bright verify will return back information either valid or invalid except all or unknown will define those as we go along and show you some more information that they provide to be a little more insightful on the contacts you have. So let's go ahead and dive right in. Now to start with the assumption is you have the integrate pro email verification script installed on your site.

If not, there should be a link that explains how to get it and how to add it to your site. So we're going to want to go ahead and log in and the first thing we want to do is click on accounts.
We're going to need to find our Active Campaign information and our bright verify API key. So let's start with Active Campaign inside your Active Campaign account you want to go to setting developer, click on the URL and copy that the API URL come back here.

Now we want to get our bright verify API key. So you want to log into your bright verify account. And they do charge a small fee for this typically a penny or less. If you do a lot of transactions, and you're going to want to go to API keys.

Now here's the statuses explained valid invalid, pretty easy, right? Unknown. And the reason it might be unknown is because the domain that they're testing didn't respond back quickly enough and then accept all indicates that those domains will say yep, everything's good on this side, but they can't fully verify that so they do have more information that they collect down below and let me show you what you can actually capture there's additional response attributes in particular the error error_code.

And they'll tell you if the email addresses invalid email domain is invalid email account is invalid. Furthermore, the light, you know, if there's a disposable email address being used, you definitely don't want those on your site there certain web server or websites that provide that service. And then are they roll addresses. Now this is something you want to be careful with.

A lot of these don't necessarily want to be on your list or shouldn't be on your last. And they point out that the postmaster at email addresses really when you don't want to put in there. And their analogy is probably pretty close. So from here, we want to copy the API key and we want to use the backend API key so I'm going to go ahead and copy this back to integrate pro email verification paste the verify the bright, verify API key in Click Submit.

Now that's setup. So next step is to go to bright verify. And before we use this we actually need to add some tags or at least have some tags already in our Active Campaign account that are appropriate. So I've already set mine up and I've given tags that are basically include this valid state invalid with a little more information so let me show you that in my Active Campaign account. These are my tags I've named category and it makes it easy to search when I do that.

So they're all the same profile and then I give it bright verified because there's other emails or email checkers that I can use and then the statuses that they may reply respond with. So I've got those available now I want to go back into here and I want to find those so I'm gonna go ahead and search for bright I could have multiple tags. I really don't need that nor do I want that.

And typically that's a one time deal. Once it's set up, you really don't need to do anything else. With regards to setting up tags, you are going to want to copy this Active Campaign bright, verify web hook URL, and then go into your Active Campaign account in treating automation that will call that web hook. I'm going to go into here automation. And I've already created one called bright verify.

And this is it doesn't matter how you get them in there, all you want to do is send them to that web hook. So I want to go ahead here just paste that in, save it. And then in the automation, you can do something else. Now you might do this. For instance, when somebody signs up shortly after just as soon as they sign up on a list.

If they haven't already been through this, send them through there just to verify that they're not giving you a role based addressed or a temporary email address. And then if they are, maybe do something appropriately ask them to click a link to verify type thing, just to be sure. Otherwise you might get room. On the other extreme, you can wait till 90 days, let's say you've got an automation that checks for activity over a two, three month period.

And if they don't do anything within that time, put them through there. And instead of following up, if they're inactive, maybe you're going to just simply remove them because emails invalid. So anyways, that's how you can use it. Now let's go ahead and test it and find a user that we can put this through.

I'm just going to test it out. Instead of putting them in the automation. I'm going to add them simply manually here and go ahead and click on bright. Verify. Okay, and momentarily it should come back and if it's worked properly, there should be a tag or tags attached here based on the bright verify information.

It does break verify is saying that it's a valid email address. That's how you can use Active Campaign and bright verify.

Ontraport vs Infusionsoft Review of Marketing Automation Software For Your Online Business

Ontraport versus Infusionsoft.

In this video, I'm going to cover alternatives for the two pricing, I don't want to basically show a couple things, you can do one simple like send an email. And another one would be more advanced like setting up a campaign. Now, this is a review of both Ontraport and a review of infusion soft. And what I want to point out is they're very similar, you're not going to find a lot of differences between the two.

And it kind of comes down to your needs versus what they offer. There can be some subtle differences in the way they do things. But they're both can handle like e commerce.

They're both marketing software tools to have automation emails, great CRM, if you will, all that stuff's built in, kind of comes down to your preferences. And to start with, let's look at alternatives. If there really are any.

Now on both Ontraport and Infusionsoft or what I would call all in one solution effectively do just about everything that you can possibly do. If I remember right Ontraport now has landing pages. I'm not 100%, sure and Infusionsoft does they both do email.

They both do ecommerce, there's a lot of things they do and alternative that I can think of which is definitely older would be one shopping cart, I would not recommend going to that to them. Unless you're already there. It becomes difficult to disconnect from a system once you're in it.

And in my opinion, one shopping cart hasn't really kept up with the times. Now the other approach is using kind of a best of breed. In other words, you find the absolute best solution for all the components and then you connect them together. So you might think that drip is a much better email solution and you might think Sam carts a better shopping cart.

Well, you can get those two to talk to each other a lot of times using a service like that happier to get them to talk to each other. So those are kind of alternatives. But if I had to do if had to say, How close are Ontraport versus Infusionsoft, they say they're very close compared to any other thing out there.

So let's go ahead and take a look at pricing did this not too long ago, really a comparison across the number of email service providers. But in here I've got both Infusionsoft and I've got Ontraport. So let me get those two And then let me get the number of contacts and we're going to insert a chart. Well, let's put it in the x axis.

Let's do a and I'm going to scale it and a little bit differently so that we can read this a little bit easier. So here's what Infusionsoft versus Ontraport look like. Now, compared to just straight up email providers, they're definitely more expensive because they do more.

And if you're anywhere less than say, I think it's 500 contacts. Ontraport $79 and Infusionsoft think is $99. And the CG go over that drunk jumps up to 129 for Infusionsoft up to like 1500.

And then once you get over 1000 Ontraport, it becomes 147. So if you look, they kind of ping pong back and forth one's a little bit higher. So here 147 versus 179 and then right at the 2800 mark 2700 2900. Prior on 2500, Infusionsoft 229 Ontraport 297.

And it looks like Infusionsoft gets up to their that same price above 5000, and then above 10,000 Ontraport 497. Now both of them definitely have higher plans.

But that's all they show you. Once you get to a certain number, you need to call them or work something out. So if you go here, this is Ontraport pricing.

These are the prices they list per month up to $79 1000 contacts $147 up to 2500 contacts $297 up to 10000 contacts $497 up to 20000 contacts. And these guys don't have I think, a starting package if you will, you don't have to pay an upfront fee. I bring that up. Because Infusionsoft does have that now they've changed their pricing and their offer a bit they want to make it pretty darn straightforward.

They're starting in $99 a month and one thing notice there's a new user training for 299 So my understanding is that is included you have to pay that then you pay $99 a month so just keep that in mind but honestly over time that shouldn't be the big thing that's the important part to you if you're making money this can be a very good investment for you but realize that there is some costs associated with getting started.

Now in my opinion Infusionsoft has actually changed quite right quite a bit over time on their pricing in their offering think they're trying to go off a little bit different markets and they previously did. So that's it for Ontraport versus Infusionsoft pricing. Next thing want to do is show you how to send an email. And each of them.

Actually, I'm logged into Infusionsoft account here. Here's the dashboard, nothing fancy. You can add widgets change the layout. Here's Ontraport, you know my opinion these two are kind of philosophically different.

Ontraport likes to look a little bit better. Infusionsoft not so concerned about that. But keep in mind you know, these are well established platform.

So it becomes difficult to make a lot of changes. So I said, the first thing I want to do is basically show you how to send out an email from each of these. And part of the reason I do that is to show you what the information looks like that you would find online when you want to do something.

Now here's a information when you type in Infusionsoft how to send email. This is their knowledge base. And my opinion, Infusionsoft does a great job with their knowledge base.

It's definitely cut and dry. But once you start to see it, you recognize how they explain things, in my opinion, makes it pretty darn straightforward. So here's the instructions for sending an email with Infusionsoft For comparison, here's the instructions how to send it with Ontraport, Ontraport tends not to stay up to date as much With their help content.

And as a result, sometimes it misses a little bit. But honestly, it's pretty much right on when I'm looking for something in my opinion, simple like this. So not even going to read it.

I'm simply going to go in and actually see if I can figure it out. And I've done it before. So I'm pretty comfortable. But let's go ahead and go to email and broadcasts click on Get Started.

And you can use a previous previously sent a draft or template you've created I'm simply going to use this one right here. Now who is this for, you can create a search right here. Or you can type something you already say this is kind of a nice feature.

This definitely works well. Subject line goes here, you can have this preview tax, which is actually a really nice feature to So for instance. If you're on a phone and you open up an email from the came from Infusionsoft, you you as the Infusionsoft owner can control the message that shows up versus. For instance, Gmail sayings pulling the snippet from you this way, you can definitely make it so that you control that look, you also can merge in information, personal information, like first name, last name, type of stuff like that definitely can have an impact on your open rates, your click through rates, all that good stuff.

I'm not going to add anyone here and go down here, you can edit stuff, it's basically a block, I call it a block editor, if you will, but easy enough to customize stuff and my opinion, they look fine.

You know, they definitely work I wouldn't get this fancy with the layout, I might have a picture appear and you know, a block of text right here. And I wouldn't have like an image followed by this. But you can certainly do all that kind of stuff.

What else is going to show you in here, color, the font all that can be changed. And probably one of the more important things do the review and send and when you do that, make sure you're looking at the email both on the desktop top and on mobile. Unfortunately, they can look a lot different if you're not careful. So is this the best email marketing software out there?

I'm just gonna say No, it isn't. They do a great job. But it's kinda have limited in what you can do here as an example, let's say I send it to my whole list.

But I only want people that are tagged certain way to see certain contact content can't really do that other email services, you can do stuff like that based on tags. But in general, it works. And it's robust. They're pretty particular about you keeping a clean email list.

So if you start getting a lot of complaints, they're going to let you know and then require you to do something about it. So now let's take a look at Ontraports email system. And if I go in here, how do I create an email I think a good contacts and I'm going to click this.

Okay, here we go. Now I'm going to click on email. So I can select a message is already been created, which is definitely a nice thing. Or you can create a new one.

So I'm just so there it is definitely a non a lot of customization allowed here in comparison to like Infusionsoft. It's just basically going to show you the text that's there. But that's it. So pretty darn simple to do. Both of them actually.

Maybe the look and feel isn't exactly what you want. But they're both good email systems and they work the way they should. And now I want to create a campaign. And one thing I want to do is I want to send information to a different surface like I want to send it to Zapier, or I want to connect it to something else like a text messaging services, not going to do it.

But I'm going to show you what's involved. And again, I'm going to defer to our friends at Google and type in stuff that's appropriate. For instance, Infusionsoft. I'm typing in Infusionsoft HTTP POST. And I've got this result right here.

So they're telling me exactly what to do. And Matter of fact, they're showing me exactly what do and I'm going to go build a campaign that does that. And I don't think I'm going to follow these instructions.

But they're right there. Now, if you go to Ontraport, this is actually it says it's up to date. But I'll be honest, it looks a little bit out of date. Well, tell you what, let's just dive right in and see what happens.

So inside here, I'm going to go to marketing campaign builder, I'm going to create my own campaign and I want to send information to somewhere else I'm going to call this let's just call it web hook. And somehow I want to get started. So somebody how we can use goals to start this off. So somebody fills out a form they go to a landing page, they purchase product, they click a link all these things can trigger the start if you will.

So I'm just gonna say if there's a tag applied I'll dive right in and I could pick a tag but I want to point something out that's kind of important. I think a big difference between the two notice it says customer tags and Scott this arrow and then temp know review the tagging structures has a category than the tag itself and I gotta tell you having a category is kind of a important thing. So let me just share I'm going to create a new tag and then I can put it into a category now.

Well, you might think well that's kind of a waste Why do you need to do that? Well, guess what he ended up having thousands or 10s of thousands of tags probably given want to categorize.

Now you can accomplish that same thing by name your tags starting from generic to more specific as a way to categorize. Infusionsoft builds a sin in my opinion, rightly so. So I'm gonna go ahead and actually cancel that.

Let me just put in any tag. Whoops! I don't want to name it. I just want to apply a tag.

So if a tag is applied, then I want to put them into a sequence. And I'm going to call this web hook sequence, and I draw from my just pull that arrow over connect the two. I then go in here by double clicking.

And notice these processes are here. Now I want to send an HTTP POST, click on that, you would put the URL in here. And for instance, in Zapier, it might be HTTPS, be, whatever they give you when you're creating these app.

And one thing you can do, and what's nice is you can merge in information. And typically, you would do that here. So the contact ID, it would be sent over with the actual contact ID information, I can click the plus sign and might want to send over email and you can name whatever variables you want here. I'm going to click on see if I can click on merge go to most common, I want to put my email in there. Now I can I put my I could do something like this up here and click on merge again, and put email kind of the same ones that get one's a post.

But what's nice is I can basically send whatever information I want across to a web hook. And a lot of times one of the things with Infusionsoft is they don't do everything. As much as you like to think they're an all in one, they don't do everything.

So sometimes you have to pay to bolt on an additional service. And in my opinion, it's kind of one of the downsides Infusionsoft can get spend the if you have some very specific needs that they don't do, there's typically another service and outside service that you can connect your Infusionsoft account or a monthly fee that will do it. So just be aware of that.

So at this point, I'm kind of setup. I'm going to put everything out of draft mode, put it into ready, take it out of draft mode, go back, take and then publish it. And that's a campaign.

Now, one thing I actually really like about this is I can have basically multiple entry points. So let's just say there's a web form. And unlike some of their services, which I'm not going to cover today, you don't have to immediately go to that same direction.

What I could do something like this? I can send them you know, another let's say these people, you know, I want to make sure they get confirmed before we do anything. And then I'm going to put something over here like send emails and inside there, I would set up sending emails.

So then I would drag this across, and then I can remerge us that is an very nice feature. That way, you don't have to break up this automation or campaign into multiple campaigns. The downside there's Be careful you can confuse yourself if you end up having a lot of moving parts elected, even relatively simple.

But in this case, I want to start this, you know, kind of two different ways if somebody has a tag applied, or if they submit a form. But if they submit a form, I want them to get an email confirmation if they have a tag applied and want to send information to web hook and then start doing stuff.

And I could also split up this automation and do something else. But this in my opinions, probably one of the best campaign builders. It's kind of a drag drop and drag some more and then you just descend into each of the elements to do what it is you want to do.

Now let's go look at Ontraport and we're going to set up a campaign and I'm going to click on campaigns click new campaign and I'm going to try and set up a web hook so you know, they're trying to make it easy for you because they give you some things that are already pre built or you can simply do what I did like an infusionsoft and click to get started. And I'll be honest, I don't know if I really like this down here or not.

You know, just it's a way to zoom in on a certain section if you want and compared to Infusionsoft Ontraport goes top to bottom. So what do you want to do? Contact starts here added manually to the campaign buy something.

So let's add a trigger. What do we want to trigger when the contacts created? I wanted to do a tag. So this is similar to what I showed in our Infusionsoft is when a tags apply. Now I need to select a tag. And you can have some conditions there.

Here are the conditions you know if they're if contact is subscribed to sequence, and then you have to pick So in other words, are they already another sequence, that type of stuff? I'm not going to choose that. Click on done and you know, what can I knew this guy? Yeah, I can't I kind of wanted to have.

Well, let's just see what happens. What do we want to have happen? So earlier, we had a web hook, there's the web.

All right, let's send an email. So in other words, I'm not creating an email on the fly. I'm basically using one that's already created on Infusionsoft.

You can create it on the fly. Let me go back over here. Add the destination URL, add the post send to data in my opinion, not so friendly. Send Email.

Now, even though I don't know exactly what I'm doing here, the best thing you can do is test it out. So now I want to let's say try and merge it right here. Let's see if I can figure out how to merge there you go to I should be able to just drag it over here.

So I kind of I created something similar to what I did in Infusionsoft. This one to me, is not as as intuitive. It's still certainly works. And part of the reason it's not as intuitive. I just don't use Ontraport nearly as much.

So you know, they both do convertible things. The price is very similar the functionality. What they do is right there, they're both marketing automation tools. They both have kind of a CRM built in there. They do e commerce they both have landing pages.

That's Ontraport versus Infusionsoft.

ActiveMember360 Login automation

ActiveMember360 login automation.

In this video, we're going to create a login automation in Active Campaign for active member 360 that's going to handle the situation when a passwords not generated almost immediate or not at all. And to do so we're going to use the mbr_genpass function that after number 360 provide. So let's dive right in.

So inside your Active Campaign account, you're gonna want to create an automation I've got one called send login information and ideally, you're simply sending out an email with the password. Unfortunately some times passwords aren't generated automatically or something isn't working properly or the internet blows up something like that and you want to be able to handle that scenario gracefully.

So first thing I want to do is actually make sure that the contact is added to the WordPress site properly with the appropriate tags and all that good stuff. So to do so, I'm going to take you, I'm going to use the mbr_genpass function function.

They give you an example of what you want to look for. This is what your URL or web hook is going to look for. So I'm just going to copy that for now I'm going to go back into here. And first thing I'm going to do here is web book. And I'm just going to paste that in for now but we'll come back in just a minute to modify that.

Now if you notice there's a security code that needs to be used. So inside your WordPress site under active member 360, we want to go to plugin options, security options and then you want to create a security code, so go ahead and click Add. Doesn't matter what it is, I would not recommend 12345 but if you do, oh well.

So we have that information. So I can now go back into here and I'm going to replace the part that says one of your security code. So I'm going to go ahead and do that with 12345. And I'm not going to use the ampersand T ID equals whatever those are ID numbers.

Instead, I want to use this option auto register equal to Yes, I want to make sure the user gets created inside WordPress. I'm going to go here to the end and change that to a WHY. So it's my website, mbr_genpass equals 12345 and auto registry. Yes, and I really should grab the URL right here and do that.

So that's the first part. Now that should take care of adding user giving them a password, all that good stuff. There's a custom field called password that we're going to have populated with the password that gets created now.

Next thing is ideally, we just send an email. But in case something goes wrong, I want to put a condition in here that checks to make sure that the person has their password before we send them. So let's go ahead and do this and go to wait until specific conditions are met.

And it's going to be under custom contact fields and we want to use password. Where are you? There it is. And here's the biggie, make sure it's greater than and then leave this empty so in other words, it's not empty.

So that's kind of an important part there is that you make sure that password is greater than empty. In other words, it's not empty. So go ahead and save that. Now we want to put a time limit a very short time limit.

And I'm going to say up to the minimum which happens to be five minutes, so this could pass through immediately if the password set or could wait up to five minutes. So after five minutes, we won't do it if checked.

And we're going to go back to custom fields, we're going to look for password. Where are you? there it is, is greater than. So no matter what we're going to wait after five minutes we're going to pass through and will check again. If it's greater than perfect send an email we're going to send an email here I'm going to create a new one called login.

And I'm going to skip creating it but I should include the custom fields for password and also the placeholder for email and I am going to actually let's just do it real quick.

Pretty basic email, but something along those lines where you've got the URL, the placeholder for email and placeholder for the password and you're right I'm not going to send from you know. So that's assuming the best case now this can happen almost immediately where this happens they pass through here immediately yep the password set and you send off an email.

Perfect. Now the other scenario is after five minutes, it might not be right. So my recommendation is to one notify someone and in this case, I would notify myself or notify a team member and say, ready to tell me who that person is. And then since you're here, you might as well send an email. It says sorry, something to the effect your login details.

That's it. You've covered all the different scenarios that can happen gracefully. And in a perfect world that nobody would go down the no path. But in this case if for whatever reason the password doesn't get set, you notify somebody for them to deal with it.

And then secondly, at least send them an email within that five minutes it says sorry, your, should it should say something effect that login details are coming soon. So in a perfect world somebody gets put into here this web hook updates their record with a password they put into WordPress if they're not already there.

And then we wait for up to five minutes but if they already have the password set they pass right through and they will pass this check they get their login email if that's not the case after five minutes notify somebody to fix it and then send them a login details coming soon email.

That's how we build the login automation for ActiveMember360.

How to restart an ActiveCampaign automation

Active Campaign restart automation.

In this video, we're going to talk about putting a contact back into an automation at a particular step. And I use a combination of a tag plus goal. In this case, my tag is called panic because something went wrong and I need to fix it right away.

And this is useful if for whatever reason a contact mistakenly exited and automation a multi step automation. So let's dive right in. But this is actually a an example of why you would want to use this or how you would use this.

And this is kind of a simplified version of a scenario I went through. So we have a drip automation that sends out emails over time. So customer gets put in here, wait a few minutes, send them a welcome email, wait until Monday at 8am, send them email one.

And then repeat that every week, send out an email. So it goes along great. Makes sense. You wait a few minutes, you send an email he wait a few more minutes. But let me show you how my implementation wasn't quiet, right.

But in this case, I said email wait till 8am on Mondays and email one wait till Monday to an email to we tell we tell Monday I am email three. Now two and three are in draft mode. So there's nothing there to be sent to them. So we want to make sure that they're holding at that place. However, the way this is set up right now is when somebody comes here, they're going to wait until Monday at 8am send an email.

And right here, they're not going to wait till next week. If they meet these criteria, they're going to keep passing through. So unless this starts, like at 859, 59 seconds, they're going to pass on to this one, which will then go to here.

And guess what, hey, Monday, 8am, it's still that time. So they end up we end up trying to send three emails almost immediately. Not good. What I wanted to have our send an email here, and then wait till here.

So a couple things to do. Or actually, one thing to do is put a delay right here. So I'm going to go ahead and put a weight and I'm going to do in this case, two hours, just to be absolutely certain it's no longer 8am. Of course, one hour should work.

But I just want to do hours, it wouldn't hurt to do days. But two hours is exactly what I need just to make sure. So every time there's a wait until a current day of the week current time, I'm also going to put in a delay that just waits for a couple hours. And then they can go and wait until Monday the next week. So that's that would have prevented that from happening.

But I still have the problem that the people that saw email one and are supposed to be waiting for this are already passed through, I need to get them back in waiting at this step. Or at least waiting here. And this is where my panic goal panic tag comes into play.

So if I can identify my contacts, I'm going to apply a panic tag, that's going to put them right here. So let me show you how that works. So first thing is go in here, you want to create a goal.

And because it's a panic situation, I call a panic, I use a tag called panic. And it's important to make sure nobody else has this tag. So whenever you use it, you should also get rid of it.

So if that tag exists, do you want to pull them down to here, I'm just going to save that. And then immediately, I'm going to do cleanup. So for contact, I want to remove a tag at this point panic, that'll put them back here into the two hour wait, wait till Monday 8am.

So the great thing is I'm going to put them in here, they're going to pass all the way down here, they're going to get cleaned up on the tag. And then they're going to be back in business waiting till the next Monday. So let's give it a try. First thing is, you really do want to make sure nobody has the panic tag.

So I'm going to go in here. And this is only this isn't everybody in here. But let me just show you what I do. Edit. I'm going to remove tag. I'm going to remove the panic tag, apply those changes.

Go ahead and do that. I don't want to do all the steps in one go round. Because I don't want to collide with each other or one happens out of order. I want to make sure it's cleaned up.

Next thing I want to do is I want to apply the tag I'm just to be safe. I'm gonna go edit this person. And do I have the panic take now whatever. Let's let's put the panic tag on there.

Then I'm going to stick them in the automation. I think it's called drip. If I remember right click on OK.

Now I should jump down to where that panic goal is. If I refresh this, I'm probably going to see some information over here on the right so I reached a goal in here. So let's go take a look.

So notice I was added I skipped over everything prior to the goal. I've got my panic tag removed. And I'm sitting here where I should have been after having that first email.

So at this point, I should not have the panic tag. But I'm sitting here waiting in the right place. There we go.

So that's how you restart an automation inactive campaign.

Setup ActiveCampaign SMS

Active Campaign SMS

This video is going to show you how to implement the built in capabilities and Active Campaign provides for text messaging to do. So we're going to need to create a custom form and we're going to need to capture the phone number but more importantly the country code one challenges Good luck getting somebody to provide the country code heck A lot of people don't even know what their country codes so we're going to make it super easy for that to happen.

Now I know that Active Campaign has built in SMS capability however they only serve a few countries United States Canada Great Britain, Spain, Australia, Germany and Mexico and to use it you need to have a plus or enterprise plan and we're going to end up creating a form looks like this that captures their email and their phone number where the only reason the country's there is simply to put in the appropriate prefix but their phone number so accomplishes we're going to use the bootstrap form helper provided by this site right here.

And you can actually download it on GitHub right there you want. And the way it works is if you select the country, let's just say we to Mexico, it'll automatically change the country code. And the great thing is, if somebody typed in something wrong, it won't work.

And it knows how many characters and in what format to work with. So for instance, Australia, which is plus 61, let's just start typing stuff in there.

And notice how it figures out the right format, etc. So we're going to take advantage of that. So we will download this install this the JavaScript that's provided on our site where the form is going to be hosted, so that we end up having a site that looks like this form that looks like this.

Okay, so let's go into Active Campaign and remember, you've got to have a plus enterprise to be able to send SMS messaging. So for this we're going to simply create a form and I'm going to call it email or sorry phone. Let's just create the form called phone. Put them on a list created and we're not going to collect that we are going to collect phone Come on.

So that's it. Let's make sure we get everything we want. We want to send them to a thank you page. Let's take them here.

And that's it. Now here's where it gets a little messy. We need to copy this content here form the full embed code. I'm gonna go ahead and save an exit.

Now we need to go into a pendant editor I'm just going to paste all that stuff there. And here's the page I'm going to work with. So I need to find the form elements.

So I'm going to search for a certain form. I need to copy this go back to my index file, replace the form that's already there already did this once and I don't need stuff back to the content I created. Let's copy multi inputs the hidden input and put them right here, get them all fancied up.

I'm up and we've got email address and let's just make sure I've named ID or I should say the name email that's not right. This needs to be email and I've made your recording wired and let's look for phone Actually, let's make sure email is called. So if I go down here and look yes name is email.

Now let's look for - okay so the name is phone it's a text field so okay now here's what I need to add in to my page to make it so I'm just gonna put a little white space here so you can see it formatted it the same way using this div class I've got the country and this is the code that came from Help Help or file and I want to make sure this input type to put in name equals phone.

Okay. So this is what I need to add let me do this and I hopefully and they actually did install the JavaScript and there's a couple more things that need to be put in so that it calls those files. So I'm going to put it down at the bottom right here putting some void space you can see if it's the bootstrap dash form helpers dot min. js and the bootstrap dash or milk or stash phone tashman js.

So let's get rid of the white space. Put it right there and page and be ready to go. So let's take a look at I'm going to refresh this.

So there it is. Let's make sure if I change countries, everything works properly. Australia. There it is. I do 345678123 oops. Okay, so it looks like it's working. Let's test it out.

Let's do Dave66 calm and yes, I'm from the United States. We're going to stick with that. And yeah, let's just go with that phone number. So I'm going to click on join.

So I'm redirect to the thank you page. Now let's go see if I was added properly. So if I go to contacts search for Dave Plus, there's Dave 66, and there's my phone number.

So now I do have the capability to send an SMS message to this person. Since we're here. We're having fun. Let's do it one more time. Let's see how far down under country works quaint. Plus test and let's make him from a different country Australia, yeah, let's go. 543123. Maybe that's it. I click on join.

Let's search for him.

Hey, there it is. So we just covered how to use active campaigns SMS capabilities.

Using Zapier to catch a webhook from ActiveCampaign.

Active Campaign automation was Zapier.

So what we're trying to do is connect active campaigns Zapier. So I'll show you what we're going to do here we're just going to set up Zapier connected Active Campaign setup a zap and then inside of Active Campaign will have an automation setup that has a web hook does Zapier probably the most important part is you actually have to add a contact to the automation to make sure there's a connection. So let's dive right in.

So inside deep here, let's make is out. And we're going to start with Active Campaign want to go to show less common options new web hook new automation web hooks, save and continue, I'm going to connect to an account and inside your account, you need to go up here in the upper right hand corner my settings and should be developer we need the API URL and off screen screen, I'm connected this there's a window that's opened up. So by paste that in I'm going to connect to Active Campaign.

And it's thinking right now. So then right there. And just to be sure, I'm going to test it to make sure it's actually working. We're going to do save and continue. Now I actually have to go into Active Campaign, set up an automation and then use the web hooks.

I'm going to copy this. Now go back here go to automation. I'm going to create a new automation starting from scratch. We're going to just continue and we are not going to have a trigger.

I'm going to call it a pure save that make it active. And I would build this out. But for the purpose of this, we just want to show how to connect. So there we go right there, pasting that web hooks save it.

Now I'm going to go back to here and look so okay, we say okay, I did this, you know what I'm going to go and add a contact and this is kind of the biggie so I'm going to go here find the contact and this one right here. I will simply add them to the automation this automation so that it sends information to Xavier so that way when we click on the next step, so the automation is there. Let me just refresh and wonder if this is going to show up on the sidebar there.

So I went and did it. Now when I click on okay, I did this there so the test is successful solo so Zapier knows that the web hook is set up properly so then I can go on to the next step. So that's how I set up an Active Campaign automation was a view.